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Graphics Designing

Graphic illustration

is a vital and a valuable tool to promote any company in traditional and contemporary market media and it plays a significance role in company development and advertisement.

I-Made Designs team of Graphic designers understand today Graphic illustration market needs and requirements and offer the Graphic Illustration services,which work with an individual company to target their desire and precise market to achieve the company goal.

Our, I-Made Designs, strategies for Graphic Illustrations Services have proved to be skillful and strong with the absolute knowledge of corporate and company identities.Our Graphic illustration services team is one of the best in the BPO Industry, to create illustrations from idealized version of objects, scenes, concepts, ideas, products or services.

I-Made Designs team of Graphic Illustrations can easily control/manage the cutting edge technology and work with 3D Modeling and Animation to improve the aesthetic appeal of any com

pany website. In addition our team of Graphic illustration services can enhance the company prospective and distinguish the company identity by our unique and professional Illustrated Graphics and lead the company to successfully sell their product and services.

What is Custom LOGO- A Graphic Symbol, An Image of the Company!

Custom Logo Design an attribute of the faculty of Graphic Design, a difficult task but yet one of the most valuable object for every company, a symbol and Icon, which illustrate the Identification of the company and its products.

Our, I-Made Designs, team of Professional Creative Designers are well educated in the artistic process of designing Custom Logo, Designs that symbolize as a trademark for an individual company/organization in promoting the instant public recognition and in portraying the company key elements to the targeted online traffic. Our team establishes the company’s philosophy with unique and sophisticated designed Custom Logos and with our team’s cutting edge skills we can endorse a company’s offering to their clients in a contemporary approach.

We are proud on our expert creative designers who work within the integral theme of company’s profile, product and services. Our team is also famous for composing a perfect mixture of the uniqueness of the designs with the significance of color themes to achieve the desire goal of attracting the clientele and conveying the precise massage of the company.

Banner Ads

You must have seen unlimited Banner Ad’s on every time you surf the net, this small rectangle shaped advertisement is considered to be one of the vital tools in today’s world of virtual and online marketing, Professional Banner AD works on the similar rule of Traditional advertisement of informing the client about the Products and services of the company. It is considered as an excellent method of attracting online traffic to a website these days.

Brochure design

Brochure design plays a crucial part in marketing of any company website, it is usually known as a literal mode of advertisement. Typically Brochures delivered in Direct mail or trade show are made of High Quality paper in styles of single sheet, folded and booklet.

Brochure designs are constructed in a succinct language and with the eye-catching design and colors.It is usually in a folding leaflet style with thick glossy paper and is used as an interesting tool of introducing the company and its product and services.

Brochures design revolves around the concept of the company and its products and services and it is commonly exercised to outline the company’s message and clarifies the enhanced solutions then offered by the company then its competitor to attract the interest of the prospective clients.

Catalog Design

Today’s world is more about fulfilling the desires then acquiring the basic necessity, the appeal of desired life style creates a scope for the Art of selling. The sensation of feeling better leads every man and women to spend more and this opportunity can be seized by a good salesman or a skillful advertisement that can contribute in achieving great goals for the company.

Advertisement by Custom Catalog Design can do wonders for your company and your products. This art of placing the elements of your company outline and style can assist your company in explaining the company’s services and products and can also contribute in accomplishing wonderful growth.

Catalog designing is a criticalprocess of placing the detailed photos of the product with less text details in order to focus the product and to appeal the targeted audience and their life style; it is the method to make the product and services a centerpiece to provide more knowledge.

Research by the professional custom design catalog team of I-Made Designs illustrate that as much as the product and services would be standing out as better it will catch the attraction of the desire target market and will draw them towards the company and its product.

Our researchers also suggest that the products can be used in conjunction with the variety of products but should convey the same mood or theme. It is said that “a great Photo worth Thousand words”, using the immense photo of the product with the unique look, design and color can put spotlight on the service or product and can persuade any client. Cross selling between the products, using multi means of advertising and taking advantage of cross media is another way to achieve the targeted goal.

I-Made Designs create every custom Catalog Design from scratch and with the absolute understanding of the company’s Product, services, industry, target market and competition. Our team of Custom Catalog Design work within the outline and style of the company’s values and focus on the company’s requirements.

Our team believes in involving the company’s effort on our every step and assist the company in writing the good contents as we believe in having a long term business relationship with our clients, we provide a Low Cost Custom Catalog Design using the company’s products, services and color theme to signify every individual company’s style and strength.

Results: We provide the service of analyzing the results of the catalog in 3-5 months and evaluate the results by comparing the client’s recommendations/references, traffic and profit with the total cost of the catalog.

Business Card / Letterhead

In every business Letterheads and Business Cards are considered to be one of the most import business tools. A professionally made Custom Design business card can give a company a decent and striking introduction. Professionally made Business Card is also said to be ‘the first impression’ of any company, it represent the company’s theme/outline and reveal imperative information about the company.

Custom Made Business cards can assist a company in gaining credibility and convey the message of the company’s professionalism. In few cases Business Cards are called the symbol of the status and an individual take pride in presenting them to give a corporate impression. Affordable Business Cards can be a strong Selling point of any business services and Product. In addition Business Card is used as a Convincing tool or a Memory Aid.

Traditionally the Business Card has a simple back but innovative designers are bringing a fresh and striking look by using the both sides of the Business Cards. Nowadays Cutting edge technology can assist a Professional in crafting an attractive pattern at both sides with striking and attractive designs.

Professional Letterhead services:

Letterhead is another one of those fundamental tool, which a company will require at all times, it is use in every official document and portrait the company’s image. Custom Made Letterheads are the source of pride for the company and spread the vibe of professionalism in the relevant industrial world.

Traditionally Letterhead has a Logo and the Name of the Company on the Top and the Details of the company in Footer, however advanced skill in Information Technology has made it possible to create a glowing look by using the different kind of papers and the use of UV Glossy Coating, which can also create an exciting appeal.

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