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Online Marketing
SMS Marketing

SMS Advertiser can create one-on-one communication with your market. Today's consumers are mobile and today's marketing must reflect that. SMS is the world's largest platform to reach out to consumers every mobile phone is SMS enabled, it has 100% penetration.

25000 SMS send to Business class Rs. 2000/-
50000 SMS Sending to Serial Numbers any where in Pakistan Rs. 2000/-
20000 SMS By Mobile Users Name Rs. 4000/-
All order accepted 100% advance payment and order complete duration 24 hours All Pakistan Mobile Numbers Data Available

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing has evolved into a vital part of the marketing and communications mix. Offering new marketing flexibility with shortened campaign timeframes, it is a fast, effective and low-cost method of interacting one-on-one with customers and prospects. We have collected more then 3 Million E-mail IDs database of domestic and internationally.

Domestic E-Mail
Email flyer post to Pakistan based email data 100000 emails Rs. 1000/-
Email flyer post to Targeted Email Like Industries, Doctors etc. Rs. 2499/-

World Wide E-Mail
Email flyer post to World wide 100000 internet users Rs. 2999/-

All Email Users listed in Dubai Tread Directories Rs. 4999/-

Clients Update Emailing List
We Also Offered Send your Promotional, News Letter, New arrival, Sales offer etc. as graphical interface mail to your company clients. Annual contract bases. Maximum 1000 customers in a list. Rs. 200/- per month


Display your ads on google and our advertising network. Pay only if people click your ads.

  • You create ads and choose keywords.
  • When people search on Google using one of your keywords.
  • Expand your reach through the content network.
  • Measure and optimize your results with the placement performance report.
  • Set your budget, there,s no minimum spending requirement.
  • Set your ads to appera only to people searching in a particular state, city or region.


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